Scream-Free Budgeting – Air Traffic Control


Many of the crashes that happen during the church budgeting process happen because lines of authority are unclear or are inappropriate. Clarifying who does what, when is vital to the process. Here are the roles I’ve found work the smoothest for a typical church in which you have ministers, elders and some sort of finance […]

Scream-Free Budgeting – Say Yes, First

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The budget season is one of the most dreaded times of the church year for ministers and elders because it’s often too long, quite ugly, and majors in the trivial. There are several reasons for budget madness. Among them: Some of the wrong people are making budget decisions, yielding poor results year after year. Unhealthy […]

Becoming a Good “Missions Church,” pt. 3 – Integrate & Mind the Goose

Today's post offers some relatively blunt observations regarding the relative strength of a church and it's ability to be a good "missions church." I offer these with redemptive intent–wanting churches to become all God wants them to be. My experience is that struggling churches struggle for good reasons. It usually has something to do with […]