Lessons Learned from Starting a New Church

Though it’s only been a year, I’m thinking a lot about what we’ve learned from the mistakes we’ve made thus far, and the decisions God has blessed as well. New Vintage began both with some advantages uncommon to a new start, but also some challenges most plants never have to face. Few get to script […]

Celebrating 1 Year at New Vintage Church


Yesterday, we celebrated a year of life together in Christ at New Vintage Church. It’s been a long time since I posted a basic update on how God’s moving at NVC. I’m a nostalgic guy and also like to study ministry, so I’m chewing a lot on year one. The taste is sweet. However, I […]

Turnaround Fellowship – Part 7, Increased Care/Attention Toward Sunday Assemblies

Whether we like it or not, the Sunday assembly is still the primary way in which most people engage the church for the first time. I know some may disagree with this—particularly those who read a lot of ministry books. Some of today's most popular ministry books are encouraging people to deemphasize the assembly in […]