God and Women in Combat

This morning, I’m processing Leon Panetta’s allowance of women to serve in front-line combat roles. I invite you to join me. I have two reasons for thinking about this seriously on a Thursday morning. The first is, I’m a Christian. Thus, I’m thinking about what this decision tells us about God, our society, and weighting the question: Does this make Jesus proud? That’s one reason. The second reason is more personal:

I have 3 daughters: 10, 8, 2.

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 63

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning: New Vintage Church spent a couple of nights this week serving hot meals to the homeless. Originally, I wanted to do a whole week, but the shelter didn’t have that many openings in a row. That’s a good thing–it means our city is pulling together […]