When People Speak Ill of You

That some will speak ill of you is one of life’s contants. It can come in several forms, but every human being will experience it. I’ve found many of those who consistently aim negativity toward others to be perennial offenders. This is to say, the same people cultivate much of the world’s negativity. Every now […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 15

stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about as the week wraps up: Charles Siburt, a mentor to me and thousands of others will be with the Lord soon. Today is a day of prayer for him. Please join me in praying for his family, and thanking God for his life and ministry. My old ministry […]

No Taste?

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been under the weather. For the last few days, the plague that’s befallen me has taken away my ability to taste. Morning coffee, hamburgers, water, and (if I chose to partake) garbage–they all taste the same–like nothing. God made us with taste buds. Why? Maybe we’ll find out […]