7 (Not So) Small Things that Have Blessed Our Marriage

I’ve been asked a lot about marriage recently‚ÄĒespecially by those with kids still at home. Perhaps it’s because it’s the summer and everyone is together with school out. Whatever the reason, marriage and family matters are a primary context in which the Gospel is lived out and shapes us on a daily basis. Few things […]

Greater Expectations – Thoughts on Marriage

This Sunday’s message at New Vintage will be on marriage. I used to avoid talking about marriage very much–for a couple of reasons. First, I hadn’t been married very long–so I felt unprepared to do so. Having said that, the task of the preacher is to reveal what Scripture teaches on the subject–not simply preach […]

“My Affair Saved My Marriage” – Say What?

The headline on MSN Live Today caught my attention: "My affair saved my marriage." Nice. The tagline beneath it read: Until she had an affair and they went to a therapist, her husband couldn't understand that his behavior was a major contributor to her straying. That counselor saved their relationship by reminding them how much […]