The Saddest Statistic in Christianity


In my doctoral research on spiritual formation of generosity in people, I discovered some (though not enormous) correlation between experience with church financial fraud and giving patterns of Christians. People who had been in a church with financial scandals tended to decrease giving going forward to churches with minimal internal controls, transparency, and financial soundness […]

And So We Begin – New Vintage Church’s Official Launch

I put two pictures here. The one on the left is from NVC's very first gathering. It was in the same building, for that night only. Afterwards, we moved to the campus of Ranchland Church for a few months before returning to Hidden Valley Christian Church's campus for launch. On the left, we had 16 […]

Live from Indy

I first came to the North American Christian Convention in 2006, to support the unity effort between Christian Churches and Churches of Christ on the 100th anniversary of the unofficial split of those two fellowships in 1906. I have come back every year since, in part because the program is quality, and I now have […]