What Does it Mean to Be a Committed Christian?

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What does it mean to be a committed Christian? If I had a dollar for every time someone questioned the commitment of another Christian, I might have been able to retire after my first year of ministry. Ironically, I’ve never heard anyone question their own commitment to Christ–only that of others. …they don’t come to […]

When All Kingdom Breaks Loose

Hope light in darkness

Though I’ve read them all many times, I’m still filled with anticipation whenever I read through my Bible and hear any biblical writer (especially Jesus) say, “The Kingdom of God is Like…” I find that phrase unusually exhilarating and I know whatever follows is likely to be crucial Gospel that I need to hear. I […]

Should Churches Cancel Christmas?

Every few years, Christmas falls on a Sunday. This puts churches in a somewhat awkward place. It’s awkward particularly for those who have Christmas Eve services. Thus, many have decided to cancel Christmas morning services. This year at New Vintage Church, we will celebrate Christ’s birth on both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Whenever December […]