A Simple Communion – A Tribute to Ray Hardin

Every pastor needs a pastor. Check that. Every pastor needs a pastor who doesn’t wear the title, “pastor.” A pastor needs someone from within the flock they can share openly with. Someone who can open their mind to new insight, help them see the blind spots, and do it all with next to no self-interest. Their […]

“What You’ve Never Had, You Never Miss”

My favorite story of the last couple of weeks: Allen and Violet Large figured they were lucky enough already.  So when the Canadian couple hit it big in the lottery this year, they decided to give it away — all of it. Since their July win, the elderly couple has donated nearly every cent of […]

Reflections on Tiger and Phil

This year's Masters tournament was outstanding! Many of golf's best players were still in contention on Sunday, including the big two—Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. It's the one event in golf I watch every year—though I typically try to catch each of the majors and go to a tournament or two during the year if […]