Church Budgeting Myths

The area of church finance is riddled with myths. They have pure motives behind them, but they are myths all the same. If you buy into them, you’ll set yourself up for financial peril down the road. Here are a few with some observations: Churches that spend more money on missions and benevolence are less […]

Making Tough Church Budgeting Decisions

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If you have clear mission and roles for those involved in the budget process, making tough decisions about how to allocate the church’s resources is easier, but it’s still tough. All of the ministry a church is involved in is good. Saying no is difficult no matter what. However, wise churches will learn to say […]

Scream-Free Budgeting – Air Traffic Control


Many of the crashes that happen during the church budgeting process happen because lines of authority are unclear or are inappropriate. Clarifying who does what, when is vital to the process. Here are the roles I’ve found work the smoothest for a typical church in which you have ministers, elders and some sort of finance […]