Help Me Help You

It’s been nearly 6 weeks since the new blog went live. Since it’s Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d assess how we’re doing thus far. I would also appreciate your feedback on the blog–look, usability, features, content…whatever. I view the blog as an avenue of service…so I want to make it all it can be for […]

Your Church and Social Media

New Vintage Church is not only a great church (though I’m biased 🙂 ). In many ways we are an experiment in the impact of social media and technology on starting a church. Why? Because we have always been too poor for advertising that costs money. We did a small Facebook ad for launch and […]

The New

Welcome to the new Nothing revolutionary here…just some modest improvements to layout and content. The new layout is designed to be more clean and less busy while maintaining existing content and adding some new content. Here's a peak at some of the new stuff: Clean, less cluttered design for easier navigation. Quick links to […]