What’s A Christian Response to Chaz Bono?

As you’ve probably heard, the transgender child of Sonny and Cher Bono is starring in this season’s Dancing with the Stars. I’m thankful to those like Scot McKnight and my buddy Josh Graves, who have encouraged Christians to formulate a constructive response the LGBT issues. There is no escaping the issue. It’s not going away. […]

Better Sex, Part 4 – When You’ve Sinned Sexually

I'm not a flat view of sin (every sin is the same in God's eyes) guy because I don't think it holds up under biblical scrutiny. There is a greatest sin, and Paul singles out sexual sin as the only one that is a sin against one's own body. Sexual sin is destructive because it […]

“Better” Sex, Part 1 – Sex is Good

Sex is a source of shame for many people…including Christians. Perhaps, especially Christians. This shouldn't be the case. God is the Creator and Architect of sex, and has given us much guidance on how to experience sexual abundance while avoiding sexual immorality. Historically, however, the Church has focused on the importance of abstinence from certain […]