Why Not Sunday Night?

“Sunday night church” has fallen on hard times among some churches—usually for good reason. Often, Sunday evening assemblies featured one or more of the following: A quarter-speed version of Sunday morning’s content.  The least gifted praise-leader the church has that it will allow to serve in any such capacity.  Communion for those traveling or unable […]

It Was a Weak Sunday

Yesterday was a weak Sunday at North County. It was Valentine's Day, and so you never know how many people will be gone or guests in town for vacation. I knew that because of ministry responsibilities over the weekend both myself and Peter Wilson, our Worship Minister would be a bit sleepy and ground down. […]

Turnaround Fellowship – Part 7, Increased Care/Attention Toward Sunday Assemblies

Whether we like it or not, the Sunday assembly is still the primary way in which most people engage the church for the first time. I know some may disagree with this—particularly those who read a lot of ministry books. Some of today's most popular ministry books are encouraging people to deemphasize the assembly in […]