Friday Stream of Consciousness – 115

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning: I’ve been teaching a class at Pepperdine University this past week. I realize that I still love college kids and teaching. But…my heart is with the church. I’m glad the Donald Sterling thing is wrapping up. What a mess. The Padres drafted well in the first two […]

Do You Believe in Those You’re Leading?


People are led best by people who believe in them. If people sense we don’t like them, we think they are not as bright or hopeless…we’ll never be able to lead them effectively. True, there are some dysfunctional relationships out there in which people lead through violence, emotional abuse, or fear. But, that’s not biblical […]

Bad Leaders Crawl Backwards

Bad leaders crawl backwards. One of the best leadership books to come out in the last ten years is the Arbinger Institute's, Leadership and Self-Deception. It's written as a narrative, which makes it a quick read and one accessible to nearly everyone. However, I would recommend reading it one chapter at a time, pausing a […]