Friday Stream of Consciousness – 76

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning: Would you rather have a cup of cheap, fresh coffee or overcooked, high-quality coffee. I’m going cheap and fresh. Burned Starbucks coffee tastes like I’m drinking the contents of a microwaved spittoon. KFC just started offering gravy as a dipping sauce. This is sheer brilliance. The world […]

How to Work Without an Office – The Tools

For two years now, myself and the rest of the staff at New Vintage Church have worked with essentially no offices. While that may seem like a dream to many (it did to some of us at first), it certainly has it’s challenges. This is especially for those of us that are extroverts and/or have younger kids […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 54

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

•Colorado legalizes pot. California raises it’s own taxes again. Pro Gay-marriage motions pass in two more states. All over the place, states passed these small bills that will make a larger felt difference in their lives than the presidential election. Mayors, city councils, etc…they all changed Tuesday night. We all need to make sure we know what happened where we live.

•I made the decision to switch from Apple to Windows 8. I still love Apple products, but the costs of Apple’s ecosystem from a financial and flexibility standpoint aren’t worth it any more. I like to tailor stuff to my use and have the freedom to use it once I’ve paid for it–regardless of Apple’s desire to make everything proprietary from books to music. Apple has become a pretty selfish company, really controlling it’s customers and locking them into all sorts of things. It’s like the tech version of a cell-phone contract…you can leave, but it will cost you. Well–it’ll cost me to stay with you too. So, if it’s going to cost me, I’d just assume pay as a free man.