Prepare for the Worst – The Firehouse Principle

The Firehouse Principle

Is your church prepared for the worst? Some of you may be thinking, “What a cheery question!” It is a really important one. In his outstanding book, Great by Choice, Jim Collins writes about a key trait possessed by 10X companies–those who outperformed their competitors tenfold during times of epic chaos: 10Xers differ from their less successful […]

You Can’t be Afraid of the People

Some “leaders” in change-averse churches resist change and transparency about wanting to make those changes for a simple reason: they are afraid of the people. These “leaders” would never admit it, but they are afraid that people will get upset with them, murmur, or even leave. The leader’s inability to tolerate pain in self and […]

On Change – The Ferris Wheel Principle

I got to take my daughters on a Ferris Wheel for the first time over Thanksgiving. At least, it was the first one of any size. It all started out wonderful. The wait in line was uneventful and built anticipation. Taking our seats was also exciting.  What wasn’t well received was the incremental creep up […]