Why is it Broken?

“If you don’t know why what is working works, you won’t know how to fix it when it breaks.” I’ve been stewing on this since Andy Stanley said this at the Catalyst conference this year—and set about learning why the things that work in my life and ministry work.

Though Andy didn’t mention the reciprocal, I’ve observed it to be true: If we don’t know why what is broken is broken, we won’t know how to fix it—or keep it from breaking again. A lot of churches think, when they struggle, if they just do this new thing or that new thing, it will fix what ails them. The real problem isn’t what they aren’t doing, it’s what they are doing. But, because they don’t recognize that it’s broken or why it’s broken, it will go unfixed. Here are some examples:

Things We Think Matter But Really Don’t – The Pastor’s Age

Churches mean well when we pursue strategic ways to reach out and help the church become all God wants it to be. Nevertheless, we also sometimes grab a bushel of strategies and consume them without careful discernment. When we do so, we risk a goose chase that can take the church off-track for years. Great […]

The Top Ten Most Influential Christian Preachers and Leaders

Lifeway Research just published the results of a survey of Protestant Senior Pastors. They asked them who the most influential living preachers were, and who the most influential living leaders were. The responses were weighted to reflect the geographical distribution of Protestant churches. These sorts of studies are helpful in seeing who is impacting the […]