Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! There. I said it. Was that so hard? Not for me. For whatever reason, some Christians these days seem to have difficulty simply being thankful for our country. When, on some occasion, they attempt to do so, they often feel as though they must put an asterisk by it…making it clear they […]

Patriotism and the Christian

Patriotism has fallen on hard times lately. Some are thrilled by this. I'm not. As some try to convince us that our country is the source of all the world's problems, or that to celebrate America is to show narrowness and exclusivism, others say that to celebrate freedom or feel a sense of patriotism is […]

On “Reconciliation” and “Deeming”

The term "reconciliation" makes a preacher think of 2 Corinthians. It makes most people now think of the health care battle. I find the term rather ironic at this point in history. "Reconciliation" is dividing the country. Don't even bring up "deeming." God help us all if the phrase "redeeming" ever enters this mess. As […]