Friday Stream of Consciousness – 5

stream of consciousness

Things I’m thinking about this Friday morning: I spent Tuesday-Thursday off from blogging. I was attending the Commissioned Conference at Saddleback Church for church planters/multipliers. Emily was with me, and time with her with no kids is cherished. So, forgive me for my brief bloggabatical. Commissioned was one of the better conferences I’ve been to […]

Why is Calvinism Back in Style?

I prepare nearly all of my sermons in the library of the local seminary. It’s a conservative, Reformed Seminary. As I prepare, I sometimes overhear conversations and people watch. Then, when I leave, I try to stay abreast of trends in church and theology. Between the two I feel like it can be said safely: […]

Misunderstimations of Leadership – Preaching

Preaching these days “misunderestimated.” These days I read fairly regularly that preaching is too long, or is nice but unnecessary. Others, like Albert Mohler makes so much of preaching, they almost go too far: “…preaching is the central component of Christian worship. But how could it be otherwise? For it is primarily through the preaching […]