Who Needs Accountability?


Everyone. However, we’ve really messed up this concept. We don’t hold people accountable in ways we should, and hold people “accountable” in counterproductive ways. Here are six ways to insure accountability is a blessing rather than too sparse or merely a different word for control. 1. Recognize and the “intrinsic” accountability already present–and align ministry there. For instance, when […]

Why Freedom in Ministry Provides More Accountability

Fish out of water

In honor of Independence Day, this week’s posts will have to do with the concept of freedom in ministry. This post is the third installment. Ministry environments offering more freedom ironically tend to have fewer staff dumpster fires. They actually provide more accountability. Here are a few reasons why: Responsibility for the ministry itself provides […]


"Accountability" was all the rage during my college years at Pepperdine. A lot college students felt they needed to be a part of "accountability" groups to help them deal with various sins of commission or omission—from pornography addiction to a failure to pray enough. The idea at the time was that living out the faith […]