Another impactful prayer from my dear friend, Ray. A timely prayer for deliverance.


Cry Out


The people cry out in their oppression, O Lord,

their lives and liberties hang now in delicate balance

and memories of better days barely flicker in

their imaginations.  They cry out as families and

friends are indiscriminately slaughtered.  They huddle

in fear inside their own houses—afraid to venture


out even for food or water.  Not captives of foreign

powers, the people are in bondage to their own

leaders who have gathered in all profits and

prosperity for themselves—sharing none or little

with their own oppressed masses.  The people


cry out, O Lord, in the same places and in the

same way they ever have cried out.  Won’t

someone help us?  Can’t someone deliver us from

this too-familiar nightmare?  You heard their cries

in days of old.  Please, Lord, hear their crying out again.