News002b Yesterday, the NY Post ran a picture on it’s front page of Alex Rodriguez leaving leaving a "Gentleman’s Club" with a woman who wasn’t his wife. This raised the question of whether or not this kind of story is something the media should cover…or if it was out of line. I don’t know that it’s out of line…but it’s certainly ugly…and not the kind of thing I’d want on my front lawn when I go out to get the paper…or if my kids were to see it. Out of line…well…that’s a bit different. What do you think? Is there a line any more for the media. If so…where is it?

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2 thoughts on ““Stray-rod”

  1. Well, the NY Post is what it is. Let’s see what the Dallas News has in store: Info on a contagious TB carrier allowed back into the USA. Very pertinant, but no sex, gambling, or drugs. Lets move to Sports: Ex Mav Michael Finly in the NBA finals,and the Rangers still in dismay. Again no sensationalism. What if AJ were still a Ranger and this happened on Greenville Ave? Maybe…??? It’s happened before with a certain Cowboy The line is what will sell news. A quote from the movie ‘Without Malice’: “It’s not the truth, but it’s accurate”.

  2. I’ve never known the Post to have too many scruples in what they report. I’m not standing up for A-Rod, but it wouldn’t surprise me if most of this story was fabricated. Whatever lines are out there, I doubt they’ve paid much attention to them.
    Where is the media’s line? Our Constitution is open to interpretation, but it’s pretty clear: “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”