Abstract Grove Monday and Tuesday I will be sojourning to an undisclosed location with the crack staff of NCCC 🙂 I'm blessed to work with a gifted, spiritual and fun group of ministers at NCCC. Staff retreats are important for us to do at least once a year for the following reasons…and then some:

  1. Our unity and teamwork is vital to the work of the church.
  2. It's important we recommit to our basic principles of life together in ministry (Character, Competency, Chemistry).
  3. It's important that we have some concentrated time of strategic planning away from phones and the tyranny of the urgent.
  4. It's a time for me to share vision and give everyone an opportunity to help shape it going forward.
  5. It's spiritually rejuvenating. That's always a good thing.

Our staff retreats usually last somewhere between 36-48 hours, and include an overnight stay together (it's a bonding thing, it's convenient, it helps us focus, and it helps us all let our guard down a bit). When you think about it…it's easier to trust someone once you've seen in their pajamas 🙂

The elements of it are usually: Learning, Sharing, Visioneering, Fun (lots), Prayer and Devotion.

I implore church leaders and members everywhere to pay attention to the proper care and feeding of the ministers that serve the church. Give them time to regroup as a group once a year (at least). Hire godly, gifted people and care for them well. They will serve the church well for years…and the Kingdom will benefit. Besides, it's the right thing to do 🙂

Tidbit of the day: Nelson Searcy said in passing at his session at the National Outreach Convention that some vendors will not take church checks any more, as church checks bounce at nearly five times the national average. Nice.

Be sure to look at Friday's post soliciting feedback on the blog going forward. Peace.