I've been thinking a lot about sportsmanship since last night. I have two images bouncing around in my head. First, the sportsmanship of the Little League World Series. Congratulations to the Chula Vista Little Leaguers who won the whole thing–and did it with class. Congratulations also to Chinese Taipei and the others who were on the losing end…and did the same. 

The second image the awful sportsmanship and thuggery of LeGarette Blount of Oregon after the Boise State vs. Oregon game. The video is below if you haven't seen/heard (be sure to watch it through). 

I played both sports…and understand football may get the violent side moving a bit more than baseball…but… WOW! It's hard for those who haven't played sports to understand the emotion and adrenaline involved in it. Nevertheless, last night was inexcusable. Especially the last part.

I've just been thinking about the innocence of the Little League World Series and what I saw last night, and wonder what makes things so different? Why is it that some kids are poor sports and never grow out of it? Is "sportmanship" something that can be learned? And, is it something that can be unlearned over time? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I have some, too.