Family on Mt. San Jacinto People read the blog for a number of different reasons. Some of you read to find out what is going on with the Spivey family. Some read for ministry-related posts, and others for the more "social-commentaryish" pieces.

It's been a while since I've posted a personal update, so here we go:

  • School will be out in a couple of weeks, and the girls will have completed their first full year of school. Olivia will finish pre-school, and Anna will complete Kindergarten. Olivia has attended a local Christian pre-school…and that's been a blessing. Anna is going to the local public elementary school and is absolutely loving it. Em and I love their schools as well…they have done a great job educating our girls. 
  • Anna name in the sand Anna is missing a front tooth (and will soon lose the other one) and loves sports. Her favorites are basketball (she loves "The Big German"–Dirk Nowitzki and Dwight Howard), bowling, horse racing (Rachel Alexandra, of course), baseball (Jake Peavy), and even boxing (though we only let her see the oldies where you can't see blood. She watched Liston vs. Ali on Classic the other day with me…though Emily was less than thrilled 🙂 Anna remains a Lego czar and gifted reader.
  •  Olivia zooms all over the neighborhood on her scooter, loves Macaroni and cheese, and walks around the house carrying Buddy the Cat (our new pet as of Christmas) around the house like a baby. She loves the outdoors. Collecting rocks, planting flowers, bike-riding, etc. She also prays some amazing prayers.
  • This has been a big year for Emily. Let's Start Talking has written a set of evangelistic workbooks, the Sycamore Series (authored by my amazing wife) that have been published by Leafwood Publishers. Meaning…my wife is a published author (brag, brag). I'm very proud of her and the fantastic ministry that LST continues to do around the globe. The Sycamore Series is aimed at applying the LST method to reaching people right where you are. It designed for use with English speakers in America. It can be hard for people to know where to begin sharing Christ with a friend. The Sycamore series provides some structure–while facilitating a conversational, relational approach to evangelism that remains Bible-based. They are really, really good. 3 volumes are out. You can buy them by going to (Click Here) to Leafwood's site (Click here), and search for "Sycamore" or "Spivey". Emily being her normal, awesome, Emmer self and Olivia at Seal Beach mulling over continuing her education sometime in the near future. She's singing on the praise team, working in missions, teaching 3-year-olds, and supermom.
  • As for me…life is good. God is blessing the church, family life is good. Personally, I'm headed for a big stretch of travel, writing, and doctoral work over the summer. By the fall, I should have the rough draft of my project thesis in, book 2 finished, and a bit of R and R. I've rediscovered the outdoors. I'm hiking, and when it gets warmer, will be hitting the beach. I'm also hitting the gym in order to offset my need to consume greater San Diego's PHENOMENAL Mexican food. As far as "my former life," Memorial Day weekend marked a year since our transition from Highland Oaks. Emily and I continue to miss many of the people that we came to cherish over the years and cherish our time in Dallas, but feel a deep sense of calling here at North County–and are immensely grateful for the incredible people we've come to know in Escondido. God is building something here, and he's doing it in a hurry. There's nothing more exciting than that.