Solemnjesus1 That’s what I am in light of what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday. I had mentioned to Emily just the night before how it seemed that when people lose it these days…they really lose it. Violent crimes of rage seem to be getting more personal and more destructive.

I said this as we reflected on a recent incident in the Metroplex. Sunday morning, a man in nearby Richardson woke up at 5am and shot his 6 and 13 year old daughters while they slept before turning the gun on himself. You can read the article from the Dallas Morning News here.  Gerald Reed was his name. 50 years old. His brother said, "It just goes to
show when you see it on television or in the paper, you jump and say,
‘It’s a nutcase.’ This is a prime example it wasn’t."

Then what was it? What do you think causes someone to do such things? And, is there anything that we as a society can do to keep things like this from happening again?
Please pray today for Virginia Tech, and all who are grieving over this unspeakable tragedy.