It took me till this morning to sit down and open up the scrapbook that the sweet people of Highland Oaks gave us as we head into a new chapter of ministry. I guess I thought it would be too sad. But this morning, I was up for it…and I’m so glad. What a great benediction the church blessed us with through that collage of pictures and words. Leaders are often reluctant to let anyone know they feel anything. But, the church leader who can do ministry completely feelingless cannot be a leader. This doesn’t mean that he or she needs to be Chris Crocker either…crying all the time…or that they must allow their emotions to dictate how they lead. But, I also think that when I can lead without feelings for the people or the pulpit…it’s time to quit. Lord give me and all of your servants compassionate and courageous hearts that mourn and rejoice over the right things…and never lose our passion for who and what you are about.