stream of consciousness

Here is Saturday morning’s stream of consciousness. Usually this will run Fridays. We’re moving right now…so I’m a bit tardy 🙂

  • The Spiveys are moving down the road a couple of miles between today and next Wednesday. Every time we move we wonder, “How did we end up with all this stuff?” Ever been there?
  • When you have to get rid of stuff and it really, really, really hurts…it gives you a sense for the spiritual power of money and possessions.
  • Some people are rushing to blame S & P for downgrading the U.S.A.’s credit rating. My question is, “Did S & P borrow 14+ trillion dollars and plan to add trillions more in new debt?” Nope. That’s us, isn’t it? Let’s live and learn. Let’s do something about this other than blame others.
  • This baseball season has been abysmal for the Padres and Dodgers. I’d still love for Mark Cuban to buy the Dodgers. I’d like someone who wants to spend some money to buy the Padres.
  • When people get upset, have sin in their life they don’t want to deal with, have baggage at home they haven’t dealt with, or spiritual issues they don’t want to do the work to process–they either change churches or they withdraw, playing the “you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian,” card. The issues are never dealt with, and Satan wins a battle. They either carry their issues to their new church, or they’re isolated from the nourishment of community.
  • Preaching has gone from one of the most overrated aspects of church life to one of the most underrated aspects of church life.
  • Today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. She was amazing in every way and her birthday makes me miss television’s golden age.
  • Anyone notice there are very few family shows on TV these days? I would love to see something like the Cosby Show or Family Ties back on TV. Sorry, Modern Family, while funny, is nothing like those shows.
  • The last two movies I’ve seen have been Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses. Both were hilarious. But, both had to be pretty crude to get there–especially Horrible Bosses.
  • I’m finally at the point I can start pulling for Tiger Woods again.
  • I’m still a little hacked off at the NFL. I don’t care about the season as much as I usually do. The NCAA is full of hypocrisy, and there’s no USC in postseason again this year…so I don’t care about college football as much. Looks like there may not be an NBA season. So, more time to do other things. However, I do love sports.
  • Golf is the only sport many people play life and never get better. About the time you get better you also get older and your distance drops. Vicious.
  • The beach is still one of my favorite places. There’s something about coming home with a slight burn, salty, and slightly cold with sandy hair and feet that reminds me of growing up in Long Beach. It also feels healthy for whatever reason.
  • The Bible never gets old to me. What a wonderful, mysterious, living thing it is! I’m reading through 2 Timothy right now.
  • Have you ever met a person for whom fasting is their favorite spiritual discipline?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these…or some of your own stream of consciousness.