It has been interesting to me to watch how Saddam, genocidal dictator of Iraq, was given a free pass by the media. A man who used chemical weapons and torture on millions over decades received essentially a free pass while George Bush seems to be vilified daily. I wonder if Hussein’s regime was covered by the press with the same detail that the horror of the Iraq war is, some would feel differently.

Here is the truth: while no one in their right mind enjoys the bloodshed in today’s Iraq…it pails overwhelmingly to the cruelty and bloodshed of the Hussein regime.

Lord haste the day when there will be no bloodshed in Iraq.

While there are some points in history in which I am not proud of my country’s actions…this is not one of them. This is an instance in which the USA stuck up for the voiceless and powerless who suffered under oppression, and overthrew one of the most ruthless and bloodiest dictators in history.

I understand that not everyone will agree with my position, and that the issue is far more complex than 1 blog post can deal with. That’s OK. This is my position. And, it’s one post.

Perhaps in later posts we can take up pacifism, the death penalty, just war, etc.