Praying hands2
This morning, I was checking out Jim Martin's blog. It's one of the best around, in my humble opinion. He lists these quotes from Ruth Haley Barton:


Reflecting back on those early experiences reminds me every day that the most important thing that I can do as a leader today is to keep seeking God in the depths of my own soul–no matter what it costs.  (Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, p. 30)


Here's another:


If there is no overflow, there may come "…moments when our leadership feels like something we "put on" like a piece of closing pulled out of the closet for a particular occasion rather than something that flows from a deep inner well fed by a pure source.  (Barton, p. 22)

I love that image, and relate to the thought. When leadership begins to become an "outfit" for us, we need to pause, and heed these words of wisdom.