This Sunday, we’re beginning a series on the book of Revelation at HOCC. The Bible classes will be studying it as well. Our hope is that the message(s) of Revelation will come through, and that all will be blessed for reading and hearing it’s words (1:3).

I’m opening up an email address for questions for questions regarding Revelation for the duration of the series (8 weeks). I’ll get to as many as I can over the cyberwire, and then choose one to answer from the pulpit each week. This is one of those ideas that I may wish I could retract in about…say… week one…but I’m choosing to be optimistic.

Revelation’s message(s) are absolutely astounding and important for Christians today. It gives us another image of Christ to offset the flannelgraph (is that how you spell that) version that is so well entrenched in our heads. It also has much to teach us about worship, about sacrifice and faithfulness…about the victory of Christ over the kingdoms of the world.

My experience with Revelation has been nearly all positive. The only negative experience with Revelation has actually been with a few of its’ interpreters.

What has your experience with Revelation and it’s interpreter’s been?