Another powerful prayer from my dear friend, Ray Hardin. This prayer was crafted for his bible class at Highland Oaks Church of Christ in Dallas. What a blessing to use one's wordsmithing gift for the ministry of prayer. Thanks, Ray!

Be Blessed.




Lord, we get hurt and offended when we

don’t get our way.  When we are overlooked, over-ruled,

out-voted or even out-maneuvered.  And our hurt

feelings lead to a kind of craziness which abandons

judgment and wisdom in favor of


self-defense.  And ultimately vengeance.  How

quickly we can regress to perfected adolescent

thinking.  How sharp our words can become.  How

critical our thinking…condemning all others while

remaining blind to our own rage.  We can


transform into surly, mean and foolish

children.  And most often we would perish

in our vile state without the prompt action

and wise words offered by someone you

send.  Action and words that save us.  From


making total fools of ourselves.  From wreaking

havoc on ourselves, our enemies, our innocent

friends, our family, our business, our church.  For

those disguised angels we give you thanks.  And

ask that you might even use us for that healing mission.