Here is an email I received through the e-vine. It is from Seth Terrell, a Campus Minister at Virginia Tech:

Hello everyone,

We now know names of classmates, professors, and friends.  Our tears now have been specific ones. Our hearts are still very heavy.  Last night at church we all just had to take a deep breath and realize we will move on.

Also last night, we rejoice that one of our students gave her life to Jesus and was baptized.  She is such a wonderful person. This has definitely been a light in the midst of darkness.

Apparently the shooter felt he was standing up for the oppressed and mistreated.  As a minister here on campus that really hit me hard.  Of course the first thought was ‘Why couldn’t God have led me to him to
show him that Jesus’ love is the only thing that can overcome oppression and mistreatment?’ or ‘God did you lead me to him and I just didn’t take the oppurtunity to talk to him about you?’  It is questions like these that twist my mind.

We now need specific prayers to learn forgiveness.  Let me also encourage everyone to realize that we can not ‘fix’ what has happened.  We can only suffer and move on. So please just suffer with us all.

As I told students, The sun came up today, we have a new sister in Christ and God’s love never fails. Once again I thank you all.