Here are some random thoughts that I’ve had over the last 24 hours back in Big D.

1. Sudoku puzzles are addicting. I solved one of the highest difficulty over 3 days in about 10 hours (no guess work, and not every hour of the 3 days). I often work on these puzzles at night before bed, etc. as a way of sharpening my dull logic. Here’s one for you… piece of cake…

2. Anyone notice that now that Manning has won the big game, all the credit goes to Tony Dungee (though I love the guy). They ought to share the glory. They were both awesome on Sunday.

Super_tonio3. What is up with that story of the astronaut gone wild?

4. Giuliani is running for president. The Republicans now have a shot in 2008.

5. Super Tonio (pictured here) is the name of the baby born in Mexico at 14.5 lbs… ouch!

6. When it comes to developing future leaders, there is a different between involvement and equipping.