Boston Tea Party This is April 14, and I will thus file my taxes tonight…one day early than the norm 🙂 Tomorrow, there are hundreds of "tea parties" scheduled to occur across the country. There are supposedly up to 2,500 of these taking place tomorrow, on tax day, as a protest against taxation and spending of the Obama Administration. Though I expect the tea parties will be viewed by some as sophomorish, uninformed gatherings of right-wingers–these parties are actually being thrown by both political parties, and even the fringe parties. Government officials, senators, governors, and others are participating in them.

I'm not a big protest guy. For the most part, it's because protests that occur in today's world seem either cheesy, out-of-touch, or out-of-hand (see the G-20 protestors). Yet, I can't help but be thankful for many of the civil rights protests of yesteryear. So…I'm torn. Here are my questions:

  • Should Christians protest?
  • Over what?
  • and … how do Christians protest?
  • If you are a pro-protest person, answer this: When would a protest cease to be godly?