My friend Prenctice Meador has finished the race at age 70. I will miss Him. I came to Highland Oaks (located about 5 miles away from Prestoncrest as the crow flies) as a boy preacher at the age of 26. 

Prentice welcomed me…helping me navigate the Dallas church jungle and develop an even deeper appreciation for Churches of Christ. He was a churchman of the highest ilk, a masterful orator, and a model of ministerial consistency. Hearing him preach made me want to become a better preacher. Watching him lead made me want to become a better leader.

Of deepest value to me personally was his friendship and his willingness to treat me as a peer even though Prentice had few in the ministry. I enjoyed sharing leadership of charity dinners with him and talking about 21st Century Christian. I enjoyed talking with him about what was going on at Prestoncrest or Highland Oaks, and simply watching a guy who knew what he was doing doing it well.

If I ever go back to the Main Stream Fish House on Preston Road in Dallas, Prentice's memory will be there. That's where we always go together. They should probably retire his jersey there. He loved that place.

This is a big loss to the Churches of Christ…my fellowship. But, I'm thankful that we had the opportunity to know, love and observe such a marvelous minister of the Gospel. 

Gordon Dabbs, another fine man, is now Prentice's successor at Prestoncrest. I know he'll make Prentice proud. Lipscomb remains in the able hands of Randy Lowry. 21st Century Christian will keep up it's fine work. All of these great institutions remain, ultimately, in the Lord's hands. But, he used Prentice powerfully to impact them…among numerous others.

Now, Prentice goes on to his eternal reward. Good for you, my friend. We will miss you.

The Meador family prayer blog put it beautifully and simply:

"At 6:08 a.m. this morning, surrounded by his wife, all of his children and their spouses, his sister, brother- and sister-in-law, Prentice finished the race and crossed the finish line into the arms of Jesus, where he was greeted, no doubt, by his mother and dad. 

This is the moment he has lived his whole life for and we were so blessed to have had these last couple of days with him.

Pray for Barbara as she grieves the loss of her husband of 48 years.

We will update when we know more about arrangements.

Praise God for a life well-lived in His service. We love you, Prentice/Dad/Poppy!!"

Good-bye Prentice. We love you.

And the church said… "AMEN."