I, like many preachers I know, map out a preaching schedule way in advance. In years previous, I've always gotten away for some period of time to one of my favorite hiding spots for prayer, reflection, study, and planning. While I won't be going away this year, it's time to begin looking to the 2009 preaching calendar. 

I always attempt to feed the Body a well-rounded spiritual diet. I always preach from a major text–even when I preach a topical series. 

I typically preach an OT Text book, a NT text book, a series on Jesus, something on the family and stewardship. In addition, I always do something in the field of practical theology, and a series on the church. I try to match them up with the natural rhythms of the year. Obviously, there are  lots of ways to go with all of this, and that's what makes it so important and so….fun at the same time.

Any good ideas? I thought I might solicit some before the process began. Also, those of who plan ahead, I'd love to hear what your process is like.