Pre-Easter Stream of Consciousness

1. Shanjaya lives, Gina is gone. Is there any justice?

2. Rangers are off to an 0-3 start and can’t seem to hit. Wonder if they’d let me take some hacks up there?

3. Easter sermons are among the hardest to prepare.

4. I’m glad Wayne Palmer repented on 24…sort of…I don’t know that I would have ordered the nuclear strike…but I would have done something a more than just look worried all the time.

5. If you had to vote today, who would you elect president among those who have announced their candidacy? I’d probably go with…

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Easter Stream of Consciousness

  1. 1) In the words of Andrew Sullivan “I urge everyone to vote for Sanjaya in American Idol. It’s very, very important to subvert this compulsive but far too self-important show. If the whole blogosphere got behind him, he might even win. Which would be fantastic.”
    3) In addition to teaching high school English, I’m now the youth minister at the Redlands C of C and I’m delivering the after-Easter sermon on 4/15 (also somewhat difficult to plan).
    5) At the moment….Obama.

  2. As I type this, the Rangers are leading 2-0 in the home opener. Will they break my heart again? I wish I knew why I care so deeply about this team.
    I’m almost embarrassed by the current crop of candidates. If I had to vote today, I’d probably go for Mitt Romney.