First things first… Bracketology…

Elite 8: Kansas, Duke, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Ohio State, Villanova, West Virginia

Final Four: Kansas, Duke, Pittsburgh and Kentucky. 

Final game = Kansas vs. Duke. 

Duke wins it. Don't even try to debate it 🙂

I also have a tradition of picking my American Idol winner in the round of 12. It's another version of Bracketology. I picked the winner in the round of 12 five of the first six years. I've been on a dry streak (2 out of the last 4). I missed with Katharine McPhee, picked Jordin Sparks and David Cook and then missed with Danny Gokey last year. So, I need a comeback. I forgot to make the call in the round of 12…so here's the round of 11. I only take responsibility for the winner…not the rest of the picks 🙂

Here's the way I would rank them right now:

11. Aaron Kelly – Please. Unfortunately, he may make it to the round of 6 or so thanks to the eleven-year-old lobby.

10. Tim Urban – All looks. Seems like a nice kid, though. C+ voice.

9. Paige Miles – Top 3 voice buried under nerves.

8. Casey James – If he had Andrew's looks, he'd be at home right now. Instead he got Fabio's.

7. Katie Stevens – Could win it if she were on Idol in four years.

6. Andrew Garcia – Needs a comeback. But, people like him.

5. Didi Benami – LOVE Didi, but doesn't seem to have the love of the judges.

4. Lee Dewyze – Good voice, a bit of a mopey personality. Like him though.

3. Michael Lynche – Gotta love the big man.

2. Crystal Bowersox – The woman, the myth, the legend.

1. Siobhan Magnus – An original with mad pipes.

I'm pretty confident that Michael, Siobhan and Crystal will be the final 3, Crystal and Siobhan in the finale. If I had to pick tonight, I'll go with Siobhan by a hair over the Power of Bowersox. 

So, tell me where I'm going wrong.