Anna and Olivia It's been a while since I put a personal update on the blog. Many of you actually read the blog to keep up with our family, so here's the latest on the Spivey's.

  • Norah (now 10 months) stood up by herself for the first time last night. It'll probably be another month or so before she starts walking. "The world's happiest baby" as she's known around the neighborhood and elementary school will then be a walking smile.
  • Anna (age 8) is learning to play the guitar in addition to the piano, and continues to be a voracious reader. Those of you who know her know she loves learning, and won't be surprised she's making outstanding grades at school. Anna has also started playing softball. The coach seems to want to make pitcher out of her long-term. That would be a blast.
  • Olivia (age 6) remains Miss Personality and social butterfly–continually saying things that make us laugh. She is starting to play the violin, and has also starting playing softball–and I am helping coach her team, "The Diamond Divas." While the whole experience is admittedly pushing the limits of both my nerves and masculinity, it really is a blast. We're making some great father-daughter memories that we'll cherish forever.
  • Emily remains the matron saint of the house. She's doing it all with great aplomb. She's an amazing mom, great wife, and a top-shelf missionary to San Diego. Starting a church has opened up her schedule to utilize her natural gifts of hospitality and warmth more than ever. She is meeting people left and right, pulling people together and hosting things. Em's looking at continuing pursuit of her Master's degree, while continuing to write and edit materials for Let's Start Talking. Last year, LST's Sycamore Series (which Emily wrote) won Outreach Magazine's Evangelistic Resource of the Year for it's category. 
  • As for me…other than softball coach, I'm working helping start a church that will reach new people in this area. From a schedule standpoint, I feel like a pig on roller skates. I have no office to go to yet, so I and the staff work out of our favorite places in the area–coffee shops, etc., with an occasional meeting at the church building where we hold our services on Sunday night. It takes discipline and focus to be effective when you have no "hard" schedule or consistent working environment…but it has the plus of putting all of us in proximity to non-Christians all day, every day. That's a good thing. I'm getting it down, slowly but surely. I feel like I'm supposed to do some writing. But, right now, the right idea hasn't landed yet. When the time is right, I'll know.

How's morale at the Spivey house? All things considered, excellent. The last 4-5 years have been particularly rough from a ministry standpoint–that's no lie, but God has been faithful through it all. Our hope is that God will use the experiences of the last several years to generate wisdom that can be used for His purposes going forward. The Spiveys' passion for ministry hasn't changed. Marriage is good. Kids are good. Family is good. Our sense of calling is strong. 

and…God is God.

So, there's the abridged update on the Spivey clan. Thanks for reading the blog, and for loving our family.

Grace and Peace.