Those of you who know me well at all know what a Pepperdine fan I am. I’m proud to have attended there, worked with the University Church, and continue to serve in whatever way I can as an alumnus. Last night, I got the chance to go back for the purpose of attending the annual preacher’s dinner for preachers in Southern California. It’s the night on which Jerry Rushford gives the SoCal preachers a sneak peek at this year’s Pepperdine Bible Lecture program, feeds them a steak dinner and facilitates a time of encouragement for those who labor in the Southern California portion of God’s vineyard.

What a great night. I got to catch up with old friends, receive some encouragement, and hear a typically insightful lecture from Rick Marrs. On the way up to Pepperdine, I swung by my parent’s house in Long Beach and picked up my dad. We rode together and had some good spiritual conversation…ending with the typical “Good talk Russ… Good talk Dad…” homage to the movie Vacation at the end.

My spirit is full. Now, it’s time to pour that fullness into family, friends, and ministry.