Biblelectures1 The Pepperdine Bible Lectures are almost here. Pepperdine is one of, if not the spiritual highlight of my year.

This year, the theme is "The Lord of Creation:the Preeminence of Christ in Colossians." This is one of the first years where I've actually known all of the Keynote and Theme lecturers on the program.

  • Monte Cox – Funny, substantive, and always a thoughtful voice on missions and evangelism.
  • Rick Atchley – A great friend and mentor. I hear he can preach too 🙂
  • Rich Little – I've been a Rich Little fan from afar for some time. Great sense of humor.
  • Brian Simmons – a terrific communicator with great energy.
  • Curt Sparks – A classy veteran of ministry who is just one of the good guys.
  • Josh Ross – A great young guy–humble and gifted…one of the up-and-comers…5 years from now, he'll be one of the Church of Christ's top young leaders.
  • Mike Cope – A marvelous preacher…couldn't close any better than this.

I'm teaching a class on my forthcoming book entitled: Jesus: The Word Made Flesh. The book should be released in July by College Press/Heartspring. Consider this a shameless plug for my class and the book.

It's going to be a great week. If you're not going…REPENT!!!!

If you can't go, I'll be blogging and Twittering while I'm there. But, remember…Malibu in May is always better LIVE.