To my surprise, the Christian Chronicle published a short review of Jesus: the Powerful Servant. It was surprisingly gentle. I have printed it below. CHRISTIAN LIVING Tim Spivey. Jesus the Powerful Servant. Joplin, Mo.: College, 2006. ISBN 0-89900-945-X. 99 pages; $7.99; 800-289-3300. "Part of the 3:16 series by College Press,Continue Reading

As I continue to plug away at my doctoral project, I came across an interesting article in a 2005 issue of Christianity Today. They write: "As Americans set new records for charitable giving in response to Hurricane Katrina, some fundraisers are seeing a principle confirmed: when the suffers are perceivedContinue Reading

Sunday evening, the local Dallas ABC affiliate ran a story on Highland Oaks’ giving some of their pews to the Carrollton Avenue Church of Christ in New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Discipleship extends even to the decisions we make about disposing of things. The coverage came asContinue Reading