This week, I learned that the missing hiker found dead in Oregon is the neighbor of one of our church members. Last week, I found out the the man in Allen, Texas, who was turned in by a hit man for paying him to murder his pregnant wife was theContinue Reading

I don’t write many of these…and won’t after this. But, I feel compelled to…so here it goes: The Christian Chronicle is publishing a front page article on the decision of the Richland Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas, to add an instrumental worship assembly on Saturday evening. ClickContinue Reading

To my surprise, the Christian Chronicle published a short review of Jesus: the Powerful Servant. It was surprisingly gentle. I have printed it below. CHRISTIAN LIVING Tim Spivey. Jesus the Powerful Servant. Joplin, Mo.: College, 2006. ISBN 0-89900-945-X. 99 pages; $7.99; 800-289-3300. "Part of the 3:16 series by College Press,Continue Reading