Sycamore Series - the life Outreach Magazine has announced it top 25 evangelism resources for this year. You can read the article here. The article describes:

The Outreach Resources of the Year is a celebration of the best books, DVDs and curricula produced to help the Church and Christians reach out in areas such as evangelism, compassionate service and cross-cultural ministries.

Nearly 160 resources published between Nov. 1, 2008, and Oct. 31, 2009, were submitted to Outreach for consideration. Outreach editors narrowed the field to 110 nominees.

The magazine then enlisted the help of an expert for each of 12 categories. Each panelist independently evaluated the nominated resources in his or her area of expertise and selected the best. The experts had the discretion to choose how many resources to recognize in their categories.

There is some really good stuff on the list. And, guess what? Churches of Christ landed one on the list. Let's Start Talking, a ministry perhaps best known for its evangelistic efforts among those seeking to learn English have brought their method stateside and adapted it for use between any two people (regardless of language) or for use in a small-group context. Their new resource for domestic evangelism,The Sycamore Series, authored by my wife and father-in-law and published through Leafwood Publishers, made the list. Needless to say, I'm really proud of my wife and kinfolk 🙂

One of the reasons people are too reluctant to share their faith with others is because they believe there isn't a natural way to do it. The Sycamore Series provides a natural way for people to share Christ with their friends within the context of relationship.

Click here for more information on the Sycamore Series. If your church is looking for a great mechanism to teach people to share their faith one-on-one or in a group with their friends, the Sycamore Series is outstanding…in my somewhat biased opinion—and now in the unbiased opinion of Outreach Magazine. I'm extremely happy for Let's Start Talking and for everyone who is using the talents God has given them to reach His prodigal sons and daughters.

Why do you think Christians aren't better at sharing their faith? Is it lack of resources/equipping, lack of urgency, fear, all three? Something else?