We have a problem in this country…we all talk past eachother. There are two reasons for this…

1) The lack of civility in society has made civil discourse on controversial issues difficult. We’re just ruder than we used to be in our public discourse.

2) We don’t have to listen to differing viewpoints. We have the luxury of tailoring news by choosing to watch or listen only to those with whom we agree.

So, here are two resolutions that will help you grow in 2007.

1) Be polite and fair to others as you voice your opinions.

2) Intentionally decide to listen to alternative viewpoints.

Below, is a list of yin/yang opposites. If you read or watch one of these, try reading or watching the one listed next to it.

  • Christianity Today/The Christian Century – I think CT is a bit more balanced
  • Fox News/CNN – I think Fox is a bit more balanced with the actual news side of things.
  • NY Times/NY Post – I think the NYT is a bit more balanced

You get the idea. There are very few "fair and balanced" news sources out there. The two best are,  in my humble opinion: US News and World Report, and USA Today.

What other news sources do you find to be fair and balanced?

Tough question, isn’t it?