Today is opening day of the baseball season. It's a day that I think should be a national holiday. I love the NFL, NBA, and college sports of various kinds…but opening day of the baseball season still captivates me most. There's something about the hot dogs, peanuts, 7th inning stretch, and the pre-game flyover that is just awesome…and distinctly American. It's a beautiful thing.

This will be an interesting season, as baseball tries to shake free of the remaining trail-dust of the steroids scandal. I've got the Padres winning 75 games this year. Here's the rest of the predictions:

AL Playoffs – Yankees, Cleveland, Angels, Red Sox
NL Playoffs – Dodgers, Cubs, Mets, Philadelphia

World Series – Mets vs. Yankees……winner – Yankees…the evil Empire returns…but the Mets could take it this year.

P.S. But I think a Cubs/Yankees series would be ridiculous fun. Any thoughts?