When I played baseball, I only wanted to use my glove. I only used two in the whole time I played with an adult glove. Any other glove was inferior. I liked the way my glove carried with it the dirt and memories of games past, how it was shaped to my hand, and how the callouses on my hand reflected the shape of the glove. It was mine, and with it, I could catch anything.

I used to be the same way with my Bible. I had MY bible. I knew where it was, it was the only  Bible I wanted to use. I remember heading out for Bible studies, asking Emily where my Bible was, and she would say, "Why don’t you just borrow mine?" I would stare at her blankly and say "No thanks."

I’ve had a habit of buying a new Bible, reading it through (marking all
the way), and then shelving it and buying a new one. Now, it’s all changed. I now use a number of Bibles for a number of different things. I’m wondering if this is weird, normal, or what. So, tell me what you like…one Bible, or many?