While I was in New York, I got the chance to see several Broadway shows.
There was a time when I didn’t like musicals at all. I thought they were
cheesy, unrealistic, and cheesy and unrealistic. Since then, I have come to
appreciate them greatly as an emerging thought world (put to music) that will
make it’s way from New York
to all other places eventually. Granted, many musicals are somewhat raunchy.
Some put forth agendas with which I vehemently disagree. But, then again, so
are a lot of people I’ve hung out with over the years. I’ll post a bit more on
this thought later, but I believe Christians should be among the best listeners
to popular culture…even it’s toughest neighborhoods.

While Chicago is my all-time favorite musical. Here are some thoughts on the 4 I saw while I
was in the Big Apple:

  1. Spamalot– The Funniest Musical I’ve ever seen…a great rip-off of a Monty Python classic. Nothing deep…but that’s the beauty of this one.
  2. Avenue Q – The Second Funniest Musical I’ve Ever Seen. As risqué of a play as you can imagine with puppets. The song, “I wish I could go back to college,” and “We’re all a little bit racist” are hilarious.
  3. Sweet
    Awakening – Won this year’s Tony for Best Musical while I was there…Extremely Deep…great insight into the minds of young people. It also has some deep thoughts on sex…but none of them are remotely Christian.
  4. Rent – Sweet Awakening for poor Gen Xers. Thus, it’s AIDS and poverty instead of suicide, pregnancy, and parental pressures. Very good though…but probably a hair less deep than Sweet Awakening.

The two I still really want to see that I haven’t are Wicked
and Jersey Boys.

I’d like to know what some of your favorite musicals are…

We’ll save the discussion of whether or not Christians should see things that are "off color," or not for another post.