This year is the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s landmark book, On the Road. I’m about 7 chapters in, and find it quite intriguing. It is the foundational work of the "Beat" generation.

It seems to be an ode to the adventurous, bohemian lifestyle. Published in 1957, On the Road challenged the structured, "responsible" way of living that was typical of the era. I had to read Kerouac’s work, the Dharma Bums, which led me to a loathing of those who live off of society without contributing anything to it–even while they are very well able to. My home state of California is full of Kerouacians. Nevertheless, I have come to realize that there is another way to look at the On the Road lifestyle.

Here’s a question: Which type of lifestyle is more Christian? Obviously, there are certain behaviors within both the bohemian and structured lifestyles that are outside God’s will for our lives. But, is the spirit of either lifestlye more Christian than the other?