One my former professors at Pepperdine, Ron Highfield, has a new book coming out in a few days: Great is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God. Eerdmans is publishing it. It's not going to be a devotional book for the average church goer, but having read a sample of it, I believe that it will make a good "meat-eaters" study for any church. Ron not only has a great mind, he also possesses a phenomenal heart for the church. It was an honor having him as an elder at the University Church of Christ in Malibu. Buy a copy.

Also on the horizon is the release of the much anticipated ESV Study Bible. It comes out the day after my birthday, October 15 (hint, hint), and has the coolest (i.e., most vivid)  maps and illustrations every to grace a Bible that I've seen. The maps are one of the few things I use in the "helps" section of a Bible.

I love wide margins, I like a good font, and I love a good translation. Until now, the NIV Study Bible kind of been the uncontested champion of study bibles. It'll be interesting to see how this new work competes.